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Our Inbound Marketing “Nucleus Package”

We are your business’s marketing team, the days of your solo efforts in regards to marketing your business alone are over. Our fundamental services are assembled around inbound marketing that creates a considerable ROI for your company. We’ve constructed a fundamental core service offering that we call Nucleus as it has the best core elements of a sound plan that you could think of. Consisting of the best that inbound marketing has to offer from strategy sessions to lead generation to analytics just to provide a high level overview. All of this in a non intrusive manner that brings customers to you, not bombarding them with unsolicited advertising.


Let’s start rebuilding your marketing strategy… together

Here are the core elements of the Nucleus package 


Roll your sleeves up as we have work to do as this step is vital to the success of our partnership. This is where we dig deep into your current success and shortcomings, define your future state business’s goals, identify current and redefine buyer personas, beginning of keyword research,  take a look at your analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.  

During this step we will also start mapping out content for your website, blog, social media and other online marketing mediums.  Next part of Discovery is gearing up for the initial marketing campaign and the collateral that will aid in the success of the campaign while providing valuable feedback to improve from. 

SEO Audits and Improvement

New to the term SEO? Let us explain why you need to have a sound local SEO strategy built on your website. 1st let’s start with letting you know what SEO is. Here’s the Wikipedia definition. Search engine optimization  is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. In addition to designing a very user friendly and great looking website you also need one that is optimized for your customers. You need to have a website that is designed with the search engines in mind as well.

Creating Buyer Personas

Let’s work on taking a look into what kind of customer is ideal for your business.  You can’t be everything to everyone so during our consultation we will discuss researching your current customer base, possibly polling surveys, and interviews of your ideal target audience.

Dedicated Marketing Team  

As stated previously, your days of solo marketing are over. We will provide you with several resources to achieve the task at hand. Your new marketing team will consist of a Marketing Consultant, a SEO & Social Media Strategist, a Copywriter and Designer(web or graphic) depending on what needs the most attention. 

Web Improvements 

This will be where we analyze what is working and not working in relation to your website. From the data gained from this we will either tweak your analytics or set up new analytics. Knowing what pages work such as pages with low bounce rates, decent time on page will tell us a lot. We will review the initial website audit report in-depth so we can plan our new strategy accordingly. 

Strategy Review Meetings 

Every 30 days your dedicated Consultant will review the KPI’s based on the previous months results. Also during this time, you’ll work closely with our team to design new strategy for the next 30 Sprint.  

Email Marketing

We will work with you to capture one of the most proven and reliable lead generating tools… your visitors and customers email addresses. Of course we do this ethically so no need to worry. Assembling the necessary tools to do this would be an email capture/CRM system, custom designed template(s) and strategy built around your buyer personas while sending our email campaigns on a set schedule. 

Social Media Marketing

Our team will do quite a bit to grow your social media presence. Our social media strategy will cover 3-4 social networks for the business specific activities for requirements for the business. Covering all aspects of online branding such as branding guidelines, message tracks, personas, engagement strategy, content strategy, verticals and escalations.  We will provide content management with an unique and sourced content provided in a 1 month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month. Here are our 5 primary goals with our social media efforts. 

  • Increased traffic by generating traffic which brings awareness for your brand or for specific parts of your brand such as
    • To your social media profiles  & To your business website
  • Increased engagement with your fans/followers to make sure interaction with the page and brand is growing.
  • More conversions by pushing certain products and services while leading fans/followers to a landing page where they can convert from a visitor to a customer.
  • Improving your customer service. You will be able to focus on providing great customer service and/or receiving feedback from your customers/visitors.
  • More time back to you! By us providing this service gives you back hours upon hours each week. That way you can focus on business operations, not switching back and forth between marketing and customers.

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