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Inbound Marketing Charlotte

 Inbound marketing are activities that are non-interruption based marketing tactics that allows your prospective customers to find you online versus you sending them a bunch of unwanted, unsolicited marketing branding messages.

Using inbound strategies you can :

 Get them to your website by producing content on your website that provides them what they actually are searching for.

You will earn their trust by giving them what they needs such as product/service info, PDF whitepapers, ebooks, how to guides and etc. Everyone loves freebies!

The website needs to be constructed in a way that sends the searcher exactly where they want to go.  No one likes it when you click on a link to something and end up in another place.  Your Blog will be instrumental in helping you gain trust from prospective customers. This is vital to your inbound marketing efforts. Most people either do not know how to blog or what to blog about. You do not have to write an 5 page essay on your posts. As long as you provide something of value and keeps them coming back for more.

Your website structure, keywords, content, links are all items that need to be taken into consideration for when your prospects and customers search for on the major search engines. Your content on your website pages must speak to your prospects so they will stay and act.

 Someone clicks on your website from Google, Bing, Yahoo and now what? What you want them to do next is key.

Getting them to go from a stranger to someone interested in what you do is next.  Wait, how do I do that? I'm sure that's what you are asking now. Here are some of the ways to make a visit turn into a conversation.

Have CTA's in place.. a CTA is a Call-To-Action. They can be links to something, a button on your website that promotes a specific action to take place.  On your Call-To-Action make an irresistable offer to them in exchange for something. It could be an Ebook, whitepaper, join a webinar or anything as long as it's of value.

Make your lead capture forms as easy to use as possible. Easier it is for them to use them the more likely they will use them.


At this point you need to create messages, offers to your customer base. Some ways to do that is by:

Building messages, offers and communities that cater to each specific audience. Use social media and email marketing to reach them.

Working together we can utilize these practices on Web Design  projects and optimizing your site with SEO  .  Additional Inbound practices are provided when we start your Social media marketing  & E-mail Marketing campaigns.

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Let’s start building your marketing strategy together

These are the 3 topics that we will discuss during our initial meeting

Content Planning

This refers to the planning, development, and management of content. We can work on your content for your website, brochures, social media, and other media.

SMART Marketing Goals

Together we can work  SMARTer, not harder

  • Specific – Make real goals not just lofty ones.
  • Measurable – Tracking your goal once the strategy is started all the way to the finish line is needed.
  • Attainable – Realistic and achievable goals that push you but not so difficult that you cannot reach.
  • Realistic – Not fooling yourself by knowing what you can achieve with your team.
  • Time-bound – Set milestones and deadline for each project.

Creating Buyer Personas

Let’s work on taking a look into what kind of customer is ideal for your business.  You can’t be everything to everyone so during our consultation we will discuss researching your current customer base, possibly polling surveys, and interviews of your ideal target audience.