What can Social Media Marketing Do for Your Business?

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Customer Focused Social Media Marketing

Work with an agency driven to give your social media efforts a boost!

Our Nexus Social Media Marketing service can expand your reach

Driving awareness, calls, and even foot traffic for local businesses that are online only, have a physical office or location. No matter your set up we have you covered. We focus on sophisticated targeting, high-quality creatives and account management to provide a ROI for clients using our service.

We start our account management out with covering all aspects of online branding, creating traffic not only to your social media accounts but also to your website.  That’s the name of the game, building awareness for your brand as a whole or specific parts of the brand. We know that after awareness is gained you have to start engagement with your audience/followers/fans to develop those raving fans to develop brand loyalty.

What you get

All-in-One social media process covering 3-4 social networks for the business specific activities for requirements for the business. Covering all aspects of online branding such as branding guidelines, message tracks, personas, engagement strategy, content strategy, verticals and escalations.  We will provide content management with an unique and sourced content provided in a 1 month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month.

Benefits & Expected Results

We know that you are wondering how you are going to benefit from these Social Media Service Packages. Here are our 5 primary goals with our all-in-one social media packages. 

  • Increased traffic by generating traffic which brings awareness for your brand or for specific parts of your brand such as
    • To your social media profiles
    • To  your business website
  • Increased engagement with your fans/followers to make sure interaction with the page and brand is growing.
  • More conversions by pushing certain products and services while leading fans/followers to a landing page where they can convert from a visitor to a customer.
  • Improving your customer service. You will be able to focus on providing great customer service and/or receiving feedback from your customers/visitors.
  • More time back to you! By us providing this service gives you back hours upon hours each week. That way you can focus on business operations, not switching back and forth between marketing and customers.