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Your website will built and improved with Scrum Agile Development methodology 

Our web design practice is based on Scrum Agile Development and Inbound Marketing, we use those practices as our foundations as they provide the client with an iterative development process to continously improve the website.  Your website is often the first point of contact that potential customers have with your business. Since that is the case, why not make it the best salesperson on your staff?  Working with us, you will have the best tool working for you 24/7 to grow  your brand and revenue.

We will work in stages to create an amazing website that is not only visually stunning but also has a sound strategy tied to your business,  a coherent structure , great SEO , web standards and usability. The key to success will be continuous improvement to the site based on user interaction and needs. 

You can see at a high level our 3 stage agile development methodology below.

    Our 3 Stage Web Design Process using Agile Development 

    Pay close attention to Stages 1 & 3. This is what makes us different from our competition. Most only know coding and design. We know true development using Business Process Management &  Scrum Agile development. This is where you will receive the true value by choosing us over the rest. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Leverage Interactive Marketing is on a mission to provide clients the website that not only looks great but has amazing functionality. When working on websites, utilizing the latest techniques and tools while building your website around your marketing plan is key to launching a site while generating leads to grow your business.

    As your business continues to grow, why not work with a company who takes a vested interest in your business like you do?  Helping you build your brand is our #1 priority when working with us.   Every project is carefully managed as if it was our own.  We would be honored to work with you on your new website or even a re-design.   While every client’s needs are different and unique to their business,  we have put together some FAQ’s to answer some of your questions until we have the opportunity to work together.

    What kind of clients do you work with?

    We only work with customer’s who are committed in the growth of their company.  We primarily work with start-up businesses and companies who are looking to get to the next level. No specific industries or professions, you just have to be willing to “Think Outside of the Box” as we say.

    How much does a website cost?

    Our pricing can range from $2,685 to $17,995 for stage 1 & 2 foundation depending on the projects complexity, features, and other attributes. For stage 3, we have monthly retainters that allows the client to continuously use our expertise to improve the website to maximize it’s potential.

    Are you able to do rush or expedited jobs?

    Yes, we do accept rush/expedited projects for those clients who needs a site up and running faster than the normal time frame.  In order to provide an expedited service there will be an additional fee accessed prior to work starting due to having to work longer than normal hours to achieve your completed project faster.

    What is your payment policy?

    Even though this question is further down the FAQ list, it is probably the 1st or 2nd most asked question.  Our standard policy dictates that before any strategy and design work begins there needs to be a signed agreement with the client along with a 50% non-refundable deposit for the Strategy and Launch phases.  The remaining amount will be come due 10 days (Net 10)  upon the client accepting and launching the finished website before the monthly retainer fee begins.

    We only charge 50% deposit up front to provide the client a piece of mind plus it’s friendlier on the client’s wallet. You will be asked to pay the deposit after concluding our pricing presentation meeting in order to proceed.

    Can you provide web hosting for my new site?

    Yes, we can provide hosting but at an additional monthly cost to the client.  If you desire to host your own site through other hosting companies, we can assist you in the set up.

    Can you create content for my website?

    That is a question that we receive quite a bit, ideally the client will supply me with information and materials about the business, product and service descriptions, photos, logo, videos and etc.  When it comes certain design elements such as custom graphics, buttons, social media icons and etc. We will supply those. If you have very limited content and desire more to “fill-up” your site we can accommodate at an extra cost.

    What is your turn around time?

    The standard project time to create your launch pad website is approx. 30-60 days.  For more complex website projects such as membership sites and E-commerce you will be looking at 60-120 days to create. However, depending on current work load it could vary.

    A key factor will be the client providing collateral needed for the project such as content for various pages. Any delay in supplying us with the materials needed for the project will cause a delay in launching the website.

    How flexible are you with clients with limited budgets?

    We know that not everyone has a huge marketing budge like large Fortune 500 companies so that’s the main reason why we have tailored pricing depending on the type of web project. Our prices are affordable and designed to give you what you need not extra that you will not need or even want.

    Can we meet in-person to discuss my project?

    Yes, actually we prefer to meet with each client in-person during the project. That’s if you are local to the Charlotte, NC area.  If you are outside of the Charlotte, NC area we can get on Skype , Google Hangouts or teleconference. We are very flexible.

    What we will do during the in-person meeting is discuss questions that you may have, questions that I may have. In addition to question and answering we working on the initial website planning of your layout,  discuss the features that you need and much more.

    Will my site be secure?

    Great question but I will tell you that no website is ever completely hacker-proof or 100% secure, that’s just the nature of the internet. However, your site comes with installed security settings that’s  very effective against the most common types of malware, viruses and those pesky hackers.

    As a precaution, we always make a back-up of your site in the event that the site is ever compromised.

    Do you provide support and on-going maintenance after the site is complete?

    Yes, you will receive support via e-mail, phone and sometimes in person after during phase 1-2 before and after completion. So if you are having issues with your site please feel free to contact us.

    As far as on-going maintenance is involved, this is where phase 3 continuous improvement starts. We provide this phase via monthly retainer for site improvement and maintenance such as additional strategies, adding new pages, removing pages, security, backups, and changing out content.

    Will my website be optimized for the search engines?

    Yes,  We set up initial build level SEO on every website. We expand on this foundation during phase 3 of the website build. 

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