Responsive Web Design

The title of this blog post is something that I’ve been meaning to write about.  I know what you are already thinking, well you design websites right?  Well, the answer to that is yes and no.  A website in itself is a commodity.  You can get a website from designer A and designer B and for the most part they will mostly be just alike. In today’s world, anyone can build a website by using the WYSIWYG builders like Wix, Light CMS, and Squarespace.  Those are all good platforms but you have to give it more bang for your buck.  I like to think of a website of something more and bigger than just a website. Who only wants an internet business card or just an informational website?  I know that I don’t.    You have to look at the overall objective of what you website needs to address, solve, or cure.  It is such a powerful tool to fuel your marketing, expand your brand, and most importantly take care of your customers needs.

You have to combine marketing strategies, business objectives, and so much more into your website to take it out of the commodity space.  The use of websites to grow your business has changed, it has changed so much that you can’t just have a pretty website that doesn’t convert visitors into leads.  I refuse to just build a website for a client,  my approach is much different than other designers.   I’ve met with people and they will say I need a 10 page website, I’ll send you a few pictures , and I need it by next week.  Of course, I thank them for reaching out to me but in order for me to best serve them I need to ask them some hard questions. This is for use to start building a focus plan to work on discovering what their goals are for not only the website but for their business.  The what, why, how questions.   If they can’t answer those questions , I simply turn down their business and refer them to another designer that can give them that kind of service.

I seek to help businesses grow into market leaders not just another site to add to my portfolio.  Using modern day inbound marketing practices, getting to know their business in depth , and of course compliant web design practices; we are able to create awesome results generating websites.  I’m a marketing specialist first and foremost then web designer so building commodity based website’s just isn’t my cup of tea.  The challenge is getting the public to understand that, partly because most companies don’t invest a lot of time, energy, and budgets into their marketing strategy to begin with.  It’s sad that people still have the build it and they will come mentality.   That has to change to compete these days, the focus has to change, the intent of your site has to change.

There are plenty more that can be added to this but you get where I’m going on this topic. If you need assistance on where to start or even need someone to work on this with you, we are here to help.  We are an inbound marketing company that focuses on web design and SEO in Charlotte so we are local and ready to help.

I hope this post helps someone and if you need help with incorporating these items and others, feel free to reach out to me at or visit us on the web at

Until next time, think outside of the box while you Plan, Build, and Expand your business.